Website Development, SEO, Logo, Media Kit (visual templates) & Ads campaign


Since 2020, our team has led the visual creation and scalability project for Bigdata Playlists. By designing a distinctive logo, developing visual templates within a Media Kit, conceiving and building the website, optimizing for search engines (SEO), and orchestrating advertising campaigns, we have shaped a strong visual identity. This process has allowed Bigdata Playlists to delegate the management of its visual image, freeing up internal resources to focus on curating their high-quality content. The adopted approach aims to create a dynamic and adaptable visual identity, aligned with the evolution of Bigdata Playlists throughout its continuous growth.

Our team successfully crafted 40 unique playlist templates, each possessing a distinctive identity while maintaining an overall coherence. These versatile creations are optimized for two popular formats: story and square, ensuring maximum adaptability across various platforms. Each template embodies a captivating visual narrative, enhancing the aesthetics of each playlist, while the entire collection maintains visual consistency, enriching the overall identity. This initiative aims to deliver a diverse and cohesive visual experience, ready to inspire and engage audiences across different platforms.

Development of a website, featuring a dedicated blog for easily publishable informative articles, has been executed with precision. Every aspect of the site adheres to W3C standards, enhancing online accessibility. The blog, a true cornerstone of the site, offers a dynamic platform for the publication of relevant articles and informative content. By integrating these elements, our website provides a comprehensive experience, seamlessly blending SEO performance and content richness to meet the specific needs of the media.

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